Business Applications

Business Applications

Smart Zone Solutions possesses the right resources with right approach to match its customers’ needs, and provides them with relevant benefits and information. Our Business Solutions help organizations address mission-critical business priorities, establish long term and deeper relationships and enable them to increase over all Revenue. The Smart Zone Business Solutions provides a unique opportunity to develop a trusted advisor relationship with your customers’ key decision makers.

In the field of IT, data loss refers to the unforeseen loss of data or information. An occurrence of data loss can be called a Data Loss Event and there are several possible root causes. Data loss must be distinguished from data unavailability that may arise from a network outage. Although the two have substantially similar effects, data unavailability is temporary while data loss is permanent. Backup and recovery schemes are developed to restore lost data.

We strive to help dynamic organizations improve smoothly and quickly by providing change-embracing solutions that transform the delivery of public services, and holistically support the ability of businesses to make better decisions, lower costs, and improve performance.

Smart Zone provides a wide range of scalable Business Continuity solutions including:
  • Design Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Solution.
  • Design and implementation of data Center replication solutions.
  • Provide/Design Business Continuity Plan.
  • Design and Implementation of High Availability systems.
  • Evaluate and audit the existing Business Continuity Plan.
  • Data Recovery service.

Our offerings in the Business Applications Space

EBS Consulting, Implementation, and Support Services
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Customer Data Hub
  • Business Intelligence